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Sunday 17 August 2014


A self-styled pastor and her husband operating in Kilifi county in what is said to be a well organised syndicate, is now on the spotlight for human trafficking in the Middle East where Kenyans have faced the brunt of modern day slavery. Surprisingly, those involved claim to have the blessings of Labour cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi and are said to be operating at his behest and protection.

Nyamo Global Agencies, with a sister company EM Global, registered at the registrar of companies in 2013, is at the centre of controversy inside and outside Kenya. The agency which is situated at Mtwapa on Mama Ken House, second floor, Total Petrol Station along Mombasa-Malindi road, is known by the people of Kilifi as a recruiting agency of labourers to Middle East countries especially Lebanon.

The short black woman targets men and women of poor background for the airlifts. She lures them with goodies, fake promises to fall prey. She has enlisted the services of brokers at both the Immigration Department   and the Registrar of Births for easy processing of vital documents to facilitate travel.

It is claimed that most examination reports are not accurate, according to those who have fallen to the tricks. They allegedly assist illiterate jobseekers by forging education documents at a fee to portray the  Kenyans are qualified as per the requirement. The agency does not recruit bright Kenyan nationals who know their rights. The agency charges Sh50,000 to Sh80,000 depending on one’s background. The agency, EM Global, is not registered by the registrar of companies here in Kenya, it is alleged.

The contract is not binding according to the deportees who have suffered untold tribulations in the Middle East.
The deportees whom your favourite  newspaper came across claimed that the contract does not reflect the type of work in Lebanon. There are allegations of forged signatures of employers for easy processing of documents for visa application. The company with office telephone number +9617985999 in Lebanon is known for sexual harassment, week-long hunger strikes and assault, especially for those waiting for deportation, it is claimed.

Cultural and religious tenets are attributed the abuse as they call Christians “kafir” hence the genesis of why most Christians are abused. To avoid this, Christians camouflage as Muslims by putting on buibui and carry the Koran to escape mistreatment.

The brain behind this is one Janet Nyabeta, the operations manager of the agency who according to their Facebook page,  is staying in Italy. Nyabeta’s tactics to mint millions from Lebanon is comparable to a con Tanzanian national. Sign language, accompanied with slaps at the Lebanese office in Beirut is the order of the day and this is known at the Kenyan Embassy.
A victim revealed that all is not well at the home of “Wayaudi”. Most homesteads rear wild cats, and most Kenyan domestic workers are subjected to queer ways they are unused to. Some are told by the Mombasa agent that they are going to work as air cabin crews, yet while in Lebanon, they do menial jobs. There are cases of underpayment of the employees.

The Lebanese Embassy in Nairobi also features on corruption allegations on issuance of visas in this elaborate syndicate. It is believed that they do not conduct interviews to visa applicants but rely on tokens by the said corrupt agents. The Kenyan High Commission in Beirut is to be blamed for the mistreatment of Kenyans working abroad as the office is accused of corruption hence can not defend its citizens who are mistreatment and enslaved in foreign land.

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