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Sunday 10 August 2014


Teachers in Trans Nzoia are concerned with the frequency of travels by MCAs in the county, saying they are non-developmental since most funds which could otherwise be used for development are being wasted on the unnecessary tours.

Speaking at an education forum in Kitale, the area Kuppet and Knut officials said the funds being spent on the travels throughout the country can be put to good use by the county governments if the trips are limited.

“We are worried with the frequency of travels by our MCAs. The money being wasted can do a great job if diverted to the education sector,” area Kuppet executive secretary, Lusweti Furaha said.

Furaha urged the senate to regulate the tours and channel the same funds to other developmental projects instead of the same going to “waste”.

Area Knut boss Makhino Waswa, noted that the country can divert such funds to teacher hiring saying the planned deployment of 5,000 teachers is below par.
“Hiring 5,000 teachers is a drop in the ocean because the number of teachers who are set to retire in Trans Nzoia alone is far much above that figure,” said Waswa.

Area county assembly leader Alfred Weswa wondered why the teachers unions were only concerned with trips by the county assemblies and not those by MPs.
“It is unfair to criticise us yet our trips are always budgeted for. They should quote which trip they ate talking about instead of ignorantly blaming us,” said Weswa.

Meanwhile, county representatives in Trans Nzoia have opposed a move by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to alleged fake foreign trips to receive allowances.
Nominated MCA Terry Masibo said the anti-graft body was being selective in its move by narrowing on the ward officials instead of casting its net wider.
“EACC is only being used by MPs to fight us since they have noticed our development record on the ground which has made us to gain favour with Kenyans more than them,” said Masibo.

Keiyo ward representative Emmanuel Waswa warned EACC and the Salaries and Remuneration Commissions headed by Sarah Serem to stop belittling MCAs by threatening to clip their wings.

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