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Sunday 31 August 2014


Barely a month after being declared the new Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation chairlady, heads are already rolling with claims that Rehab Muiu is forcibly stamping her authority to the chagrin of the staff.

Last week, drama unfolded at the MYWO headquarters at Maendeleo House when Muiu deployed armed AP officers to provide security services to the organisation. What is worrying is that ever since the formation of the organisation, it has never required the services from the police but has always employed the services of a private security firm.

Sources say she has vowed to terminate employment of the staff that she claims were loyal to the immediate former chairlady Rukia Sugow and that she needs to have staff loyal to her. Already, it is being whispered that some staff have had their services terminated while she has refused to renew the contracts of others.

Recently, the communications officer Asenathi Mwithigah was arrested for giving a copy of her contract to some human rights activists. She was locked up at the Central Police Station for hours before being released on a Sh10,000 cash bail. It is said she is one of the officers earmarked for sacking. It was the quick action of the Nairobi county MYWO chairlady Betty Miyandazi, who lobbied to raise funds for her bail.

The big question being asked is at whose cost are the police officers deployed to guard the MYWO offices? It is further alleged that Muiu is now demanding a monthly salary, house allowance and medical cover yet her position is only entitled to allowances and not salary.

The MYWO officials are now demanding that Muiu should respect the MYWO constitution and stop usurping the powers of the executive director and take up her role as the chairlady. Human rights organisations are now plotting to go to court to stop her from intimidating, harassing and embarrassing her staff. They are also planning to demand that the police officers be removed from the MYWO offices forthwith saying it is a waste of funds and that the same officers could be deployed to offer the much needed security services elsewhere.

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