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Saturday 9 August 2014


 A leader of a None Governmental Organization Mumbo Cultural and Development Forum has called for a review of Luo cultural practices to help check the spread of HIV/AIDS in the area.
The organization secretary Aguko Mayora said it is sad that the HIV/AIDS is still claiming  many lives in this region because the community members are clinging to outdated cultural behaviors.
Reports indicate that Homa Bay is leading in the prevalence. In the county the HIV/AIDS prevalence 159,970 people infected with hospital bed occupancy being 67%.
Mayora said even though both governments have invested more on HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns the cultural aspect in Luo still remain a major obstacle in the fight against the scourge. He said there is an urgent need for Luo Elders, professionals, church leaders and all the stakeholders to team up and enlighten people on the danger of practicing outdated traditions which are prone to HIV/AIDS spread.
Culture being dynamic, Mayora said the community needs good will from all the stakeholders including the government to use the positive aspect of culture to help our people. He added that Mumbo Cultural and Development Forum will soon launch it campaign against repugnant Luo cultural practices and championed the proposed radical changes in Luo traditional norms.
Mumbo Cultural and Development Forum will propagate the adoption of safe Luo cultural and traditional practices to protect the people from dying with HIV/AIDS ailments. The organization will also dig deeper into the other HIV/AIDs related concerns. It is said that absolute poverty among the Luos has also cause more deaths among our resourceful age group.
The prevalence of the scourge has become so high in the area that it directly affects the entire socio-economic aspects of the people. It is therefore high time the Luo leaders and professional stood up and drum support for change.
Mayora further reiterated the need of the community to move with utmost speed to arrest the situation saying it threatens to wipe out the entire society. He said Mumbo Cultural and Development Forum will liaise with both governments, more so the county government to mount an aggressive campaign to have far reaching impact

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