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Sunday 31 August 2014


Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga has been linked to the current infightings among members of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God with its headquarters in Nyang’ori.

Akaranga is said to be backing a group allied to the current general superintendent Patrick Lihanda and his general treasurer Elisha Kimaiyo. Sources say Akaranga has been using the group to establish a political network in Vihiga county ahead of 2017. A number of faithful associated with the church have been appointed to hold political position, all the way from wards to county head offices.

In a bid to fight back, politicians eyeing Akaranga’s seat in 2017 are backing a splinter group to divorce the mainstream church. They are financing ‘United PAG’ a faction headed by Simon Muhindi who is the superintendent general. They have their headquarters in Jepkoyai in Hamisi constituency said to be enjoying support from 300 assemblies in 70 districts.

They accuse Lihanda and Kimaiyo for putting earthly favours at the expense of Godly ones in running the main church. To complicate matters worse are claims of sex exploitation rocking the church with church pastors and officials being implicated.

The assemblies involved in the power struggle are based in Emuhaya and have been joined by Wamuluma/Lugaga location of Vihiga county. They were demanding their own districts Hobunaka assembly has been rocked with infighting leading to a big split among its followers.
At Vumale PAG, faithful openly engaged in physical confrontations forcing local police to intervene. Two pastors claim to be in-charge. Only recently, Lihanda in order to diffuse tension had transferred and pastors in Wamuluma/Lugaga districts but they have refused to follow his orders.

We have established another third force within the church going by the name “Kongamano” is in the offing and wants to stage a coup at the Nyang’ori headquarters. Muhindi camp has Rev James Owingo as general secretary and Hesbon Lihanda as treasurer. It is said to enjoy support from Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu who will oppose Akaranga in 2017.

Lihanda was elected to the position in June this year and has failed to unite the church and instead takes sides in running it as it has happened in case involving Hobunaka district.

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