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Sunday 17 August 2014


Kisumu county residents are enraged with their members of county assembly who have abandoned their homes and to rent houses within the leafy suburbs of Polyview, Kaburini, Lolwe and  Migosi  estates after they were  granted bank loans totaling to Sh5 million  in an arrangement between the county government  and  one of the leading banks in the lakeside city.

This follows a recommendation by the Sarah Serem Salaries and Remuneration Commission which had recommended that they be given Sh2 million for car loan and Sh3 million for mortgage.

The MCAs, a majority who entered the assembly downtrodden have put on a new face courtesy of the national government that has provided free anti-retroviral for the sick and good perks upon entry into the county assembly.

Quite a number of them are said to have abandoned their wives and are currently paying rent for their concubines who are mostly twilight girls operating in night clubs within the city.

They are engrossed in flashy lifestyles while forgetting the core mandate why they were elected as the electorate continues to suffer from bad road construction works which they dished to their cronies and after pocketing kickbacks, they do not bother checking on what kind of work is being done.

A crosscheck within the city shows that they are always to be found with their said concubines at night in three of the leading supermarkets within the city.
Some who are illiterate and less informed will be found buying newspapers which they are said to be unable to even read a word or get to know the current trends and happenings.

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