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Sunday 24 August 2014


Peter Kenneth has denied that he ever supported the call for a referendum saying the media put words in his mouth.

He said that he had not uttered any support for the political divide in the country knowing
that it was only last year the country held its polls and wondered why the press wanted to antagonise him.

Speaking at the Blue Post Hotel in Thika where he had been invited by ACK Church Thika diocese to discuss local business opportunities, Kenneth said he was totally opposed to a referendum at this stage since even the new constitution had not been fully implemented for Kenyans to know its pros and cons. 

He said that Kenya required national dialogue to address teething problems afflicting the nation without necessarily going for a referendum that was not only costly but brought about political and tribal tensions.

“I never supported the referendum but am convinced there is need for national dialogue to address areas of concerns thus ease the current political tension hovering in the country,” said the former MP for Gatanga.

He said his political enemies especially some politicians aim to distance him from President Uhuru Kenyatta yet they are close friends despite their political affiliation.
The KNC leader said Uhuru needs support from all quoters to improve the economy that he said has been dogged by petty politics.

Kenneth charged that he has never supported Raila Odinga’s push for the referendum as it has been speculated by the media noting he was for a national dialogue that would solve issues that need to be addressed before things get out of hand.

“Dialogue is important so that some issues are settled to spare Kenyans unnecessary expenditure and tension in our happy nation,” said Kenneth.

Kenneth reminded Kenyans that during the clamour for a new constitution, he supported it but 20pc of it was undesirable would be looked into through legislative system in parliament and not through a referendum.

Despite having been Uhuru’s political rival during the last general election, he said, he has been in constant contact with the president and urged politicians to shun their rivalry and support him to achieve his goals.
The Standard Gauge Railway project, he insisted, was so fundamental towards achieving vision 2030 projection and noted politics was dogging ‘pretty pet projects’ that would propel economic growth in a span of time.
Kenneth said expansion of infrastructure was paramount noting structural development towards easing

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