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Sunday 17 August 2014


Machakos governor Alfred Mutua shed tears in public after a humiliating defeat at the hands of Cord senators who rejected a motion to impeach his deputy Bernard Kiala.

According to our mole who was embedded in the Mutua entourage that was monitoring Senate proceedings in an exclusive bar in one of the prestigious hotels in Nairobi, immediately after the motion was resoundingly thrashed, Mutua who was kept company by a bevy of beauties suddenly became cloudy bringing the happy sitting into an impromptu end with the women walking out one after the other clasping their expensive handbags some said to have been bought with proceeds from Machakos county kitty.

Mutua meanwhile was biting his lips and occasionally sending his handkerchief to his face to swab tears that recalcitrantly kept welling in his eyes. It is alleged that Mutua had spent millions buying Jubilee senators whom he met earlier at Stanley Hotel in Nairobi. The governor had told the TNA senators that Kiala was a Cord man who was an abridgement of Kalonzo Musyoka and Johnson Muthama and so had to be vanquished.

As the Mutua camp went into silence unbelieving that the deputy like the phoenix had risen from the ashes, Machakos town exploded in dance and song. Drinks flew freely as WDM supporters tossed throughout the night as they vowed that this was just but one lesson of the teaching they want to give Mutua.

As the chairman of Senate Special Committee on the impeachment of Kiala, Nyeri senator Mutahi Kagwe moved the motion, Mutua was overheard bragging that it was a bygone conclusion.

But Mutua was taken aback when Mombasa senator Hassan Omar took the stage and poked unpluggable holes in the charges against Kiala. At one juncture, Mutua who was leading his charges in  front of television like they were watching a World Cup knockout stage match expressed suspicion that the millions he gave out might after all not have trickled down to all the Jubilee senators and that was why they walked out just minutes before the division bell was rang.

After the Senate speaker Ekwe Ethuro announced the division results and declared that Kiala was fit to hold office, Mutua and his cabinet are said to have ended their party prematurely cursing bitterly some smashing bottles and glasses. The champagne that they had put on ice awaiting triumph was carried away by some of the broke hangers-on who now saw no prospects of getting fat handouts anymore.

Way before the debate began, Mutua had introduced to his  cabinet Titus Ndundu as the incoming deputy. Ndundu was in the same hotel as they monitored the Senate proceedings and acting every bit a squire of Mutua too overzealous to please the big man. Needless to say, Ndundu left the venue a deflated man moreso after some in the retinue had already started using the title of deputy governor before addressing him something he seemed to enjoy mightily.

The bitter truth is that Mutua and his team must now go back to the drawing board and the problem is that he must either swallow his pride and work with Kiala or alternatively face the same music of impeachment that Kiala briefly danced.

Word doing rounds in Machakos county is that local residents have now vowed to ensure Mutua is impeached or forced to resign immediately the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission strike at his office over abuse of office.

What has now shocked Mutua is the fact that even some of the MCAs who were in his camp have now decided to join Kiala fearing that they could be disciplined by WDM which could easily lead to a by-election.

What is now strange is that the nonWiper MPs who should be checking the county government are now acting like the government side of the county assembly. Sources say they have been compromised and paid handsomely by Mutua and now brag that they are untouchable as opposed to the Wiper reps.

The game plan being worked on by WDM leaders is to have Kiala fly the WDM gubernatorial ticket in 2017. Mutua on the other hand is said to be working on a scheme to desert WDM and fly the TNA flag in 2017. He has been heard complaining that he cannot dare remain in Wiper because Kalonzo will be waiting for him the way a chameleon waits for a fly to land on a leaf within tongue’s striking distance.

Machakos MPs who get supply tenders from Mutua had ganged up to ensure Kiala was sent home and had reportedly contributed money to sway senate. The Mutua MPs who were also following proceedings on TV like it was the summon on their wedding day were a disappointed lot.

Pundits now say the politics of Machakos county is now going to take a dramatic turn as Machakos senator Muthama having scored the first knockdown on Mutua has vowed to drive Mutua out of office.

Those in the know however blame Mutua’s woes Chief of Staff Mwengi Mutuse who is from Makueni. Those who have been following events in the county top office say Mwengi is the power behind the throne and Mutua is under his mercy.

Mwengi is the man running the show, even more powerful that Mutua himself. Local MPs and MCAs have been complaining that they cannot reach Mutua on phone as all his phones are diverted on Mwengi’s phone. Some of Mutua’s executive members have threatened to resign as Mwengi has literally taken over their dockets.

This comes as Mutua has been deserted by his close friends after Mwengi shielded them from reaching him one of them being the musician Ken wa Maria who has since sung two songs condemning Mutua’s leadership. One song is “Wi wa Sinema” meaning Mutua is a cinema man accuses Mutua without naming him of taking people for a ride on all projects. The other song “Serikali yakwa ya kando”  calls on the people of Machakos to become wise and note that they are being cheated by the Mutua government.

Back to the debate in Senate, many Kenyans were ashamed with the manner Kagwe and TNA senators cheaply tried in vain to fix Kiala in essence lowering the stature of Senate.

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