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Sunday 24 August 2014


The recent high profile political appointments carried out by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Jubilee government was aimed at achieving a number of goals.

The first appointments involving  principal secretaries and nomination of ambassadors was announced at night with questions being raised as to why.
Senior State House official Manoah Esipisu was given the mandate to make the announcements by President Uhuru. We have established, the announcements were made at the time to avoid change of “heart” among those involved in drafting the changes and nominees from their respective allies who could have preferred to have favoured faces.

Uhuru is said to have consulted his deputy William Ruto before coming up with the first list. Fear was, if the list was kept to the following day to be made public, the possibility of not seeing the light were not ruled out.

This was on the understanding that, whereas the DP and his United Republican Party had been given places to fill, the TNA side decided to please certain players remotely linked to Jubilee Alliance by allowing them to appoint. Insiders say Uhuru wanted to reach out to former deputy prime minister.

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