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Monday 4 August 2014


Governor Patrick Khaemba has been warned to keep off from petty politics and concentrate on development instead of attacking his New Ford-K boss former Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa in public forums.

 Speaking in his office, Weswa cautioned Khaemba saying Wamalwa is a resident of Trans Nzoia county and is free to move anywhere he wishes in the county without anybody’s restriction. Weswa said Wamalwa is right to familiarise himself with people. Wamalwa, he said, has not fought the leadership in Trans Nzoia county as claimed by Governor Khaemba. He asked Khaemba to concentrate on development and deliver instead of panicking saying Wamalwa has no time for propaganda.

Recently, at Kipsongo, when distributing foodstuff to homeless families, Khaemba challenged Wamalwa to “shut up”  and desist from early campaigns and instead wait for 2017, adding that when he was in power, he did nothing to the residents of Trans Nzoia. Khaemba asked those he termed as failures to give him time to work for people and stop masquerading with cheap propaganda against him. He asked those who contested for the seat unsuccessfully to cooperate with elected leaders and cease secret fights.

Accompanying Joshua Kuttuny in Cherangany recently, Wamalwa said he has the right to move around and visit his people whenever they need his assistance as any other Kenyan and as a resident of Trans Nzoia, nobody should restrict his movement.

“I have not abused anybody, but I have given them peace to work and deliver. Why are they worried of my movement? After five years, residents will decide after evaluating the work of each leader from county to national government”, Wamalwa said.

He insisted that he is not campaigning but residents are the ones have asked him to vie for the seat in 2017. “If a leader is performing,  why should he worry of my movement in the county?”  he posed.

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