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Sunday 31 August 2014


With the rising cases of land, the government has been appointing various commissions to investigate historical injustices at the Coast and whose findings have not been made public.

The Truth and Justice Commission, the Akiwumi Report among others have not been made public. The amalgamation of the new constitution under the devolved system of government, created the independent National Land Commission headed by Mohammed Swazuri as its chairman while the chief executive is Tom Chavangi.

The coastal counties have been grasping with historical injustices back from the colonial period, with thousands having been maimed and land taken away from them. The cabinet secretary for Land Charity Ngilu has been fighting to get rid of powerful cartel that has infiltrated the ministry.

It is being pointed out that powerful cartels are working in cahoots with land officials  forcing land owners to lose miserably. Mombasa land office is among the most affected with one Bakari Mwamboga, married to ambassador of peace, Tawheeda Aidarus, allegedly at the centre of controversy.   

 The two have been dropping the name of the cabinet secretary Francis Kimemia for their dirty dealings, it is claimed.

Surprisingly, they have been alleged to be connected within top security apparatus in Kenya and are alleged to have swindled millions in dubious land transactions which have rocked the ministry.

On of those who have fallen victim include Charo Ndaro,  a resident of Mwakirunge Ngungombe who narrated how Bakari would drop a business card of powerful senior government official and command him on phone of being frustrated by the local area chief.  Charo was dragged in a land dispute which the senior assistant chief a Mr Lumwe of Mwakirunge intervened and frustrated the cartel. The committee of Guu-Ngombe could not hold their anger to the sub-county commissioner a Mr Ngaira who assured them that the report be tabled to the security committee for appropriate action.

Edwin Fondo’s family, who bought the land from Mweru Mbetsa cried foul following threats on his life and dear consequences should they fail to surrender the prime plot in Kashani, Bamburi location which legally acquired in the 1990s. Bakari is believed to be untouchable according to those privy to his operations in Kisauni constituency.

The imposter who allegedly claims to be the personal assistant of Kimemia has fleeced thousands of poor families in Kisauni. Residents claim the government should move with speed to assist those falling in the hands of the imposter. They called on the National Land Commission to address the historical injustices and apprehend cartels who continue to reap from the poor who can not afford legal redress.

Most recently, the president and  Ngilu issued title deeds which raffled feathers of  National Land Commission, the constitutionally mandated  body give out the deeds. But the Land Registration Act 2012 is clear that Chief Land Registrar, which the Public Service Commission has failed to fill after recent interviews is the bone of contention. There has been bad blood between the two offices, which got the nod from the opposition. The opposition has been on the forefront for agitating the distinct role of the two offices.

Residents are now calling the county commissioner Nelson Marwa to intervene and take action on the cartels as this may lead to unnecessary tension in the county. They vowed they would resort demonstrations in the streets if the fraudster was not apprehended.

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