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Monday 4 August 2014


Tuwani ward representative Francis Were of ODM has prepared a motion to present in the county assembly to allow residents brew busaa.

Speaking at Mitume Centre when he issued Sh2.6 million to various self-help groups, Were said the bill seeks to reduce harassment and arrests of residents by police officers. He said the bill also intends to discourage residents from drinking other brews that are killing people instead to use traditional busaa which has no effect.

Were said if the bill passes, they will consider the age, time of enjoying the drink and a specific place designated for the brew to be consumed.  He said only those above 18 years will be allowed to use the brews and the owners will require a licence to operate the business. If this motion passes, he said, it will be different from our neighbouring country Uganda where people drink from morning to evening without considering the age. Were said the law will be very strict to time, age, specific places and the operation permit.

On the national issue of funding counties, Were asked the national government to increase the allocation from 15pc to 40pc. He said the funds allocated to counties are not enough and if the government will not respond, he will mobilise other MCAs to volunteer and collect a million signatures to push the government to increase the funds. Were was accompanied by the county minister for sports Eunice Ndiwa among other leaders.

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