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Monday 4 August 2014


Taita and Mijikenda communities have said they will call a meeting to deliberate the political future of the region come 2017 general elections saying they have been disappointed by the replacement of Gideon Mung’aro as minority chief whip in parliament by the Cord leadership.

The communities led by  secretaries of the Council of Elders Associations, Vincent Mwachiro for Mijikenda and Peter Mambembe for Taita noted that the removal of Mungaro had no basis and is unfortunate because the first casualty  should have been the majority chief whip.

Mwachiro and Mambembe noted that the Cord leader was losing popularity and close friends from his Orange Democratic Movement party and these were signs of the last kicks of a dying horse. They said it is important for the communities in the region to make a decision before the ship sinks into the deep sea.

Mambembe said he had warned coast politicians from blindly following the former prime minister after he lost of all friends who had formed the Pentagon by claiming that they were interested in the presidency and accused the Cord leader of being power hungry after he kicked them out of the party.

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